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Patient Experience is a Leadership Strategy

If you really want to provide a great patient experience, we must move from individual initiative to collective initiative. And who better than the people …

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Creating a Patient Centered Culture

It’s important to remember that the clinical aspects of healthcare are wrapped in an experience. Medical professionals have to understand that the overall experience for …

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New Solutions for Healthcare Providers

It is through the encounter with Diane Hopkins who is an expert in the economy of health that we decided together to develop support for …

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US Healthcare focusing on Value-based Care

Unlike european countries, healthcare in the us has private and public offerings and it’s consumer driven. And, as a result providers must attract and retain …

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The Game Changes in Healthcare

The Game changes in Healthcare The rules of the game in the field of healthcare are changing! Until recently the clinical aspects of hospital care …

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Reimagining Healthcare in the Experience Economy

Today we are witnessing a new revolution, precisely, the customer experience revolution after the industrial revolution, the digital revolution. Welcome in the Customer Experience Economy !

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