Patient Experience is a Leadership Strategy

If you really want to provide a great patient experience, we must move from individual initiative to collective initiative. And who better than the people in charge, the leaders, to be able to get all the medical staff on board in the culture of service to patients.

How should leaders combine their efforts with the frontline staff to achieve exceptional experiences?

What’s the best way to improve care by involving frontline staff?

Why should providers consider the patient experience beyond their time in the hospital?

What is most important to healthcare workers to keep in mind to sustain high patient satisfaction?

Beyond a paycheck, what do you see motivates care givers to create exceptional patient experiences?

What are important characteristics for leaders who want to lead exceptional experience organizations?

How are quality, safety and patient experience integrated?

What metrics should health care leaders spend time studying?

How can medical staff improve patient satisfaction?

Expand your impact in the Customer Care Economy !

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